Start Menu

Deadlands menu as of 0

Deadlands features a start menu that includes an update log for recent updates, as well as buttons to start a new character, load from a previous session, or leave the game.

Update Log

The update log stores information on recent updates.

The formatting for the update log is as such.

X.Y.Z Stage | Update Name - MM/DD/YY (Type)
+ Added X
* Changed X
- Removed X
/ Note about X


Stage is the current development stage for Deadlands. The stages are Alpha (Current), Beta, Gamma and Delta. Alpha consists of setting up the main components of the game, weapon systems, chat, inventories, data-saving, etc. Beta is mostly adding content to the game, such as items, towns, quests and monsters. Gamma is the final testing and bug-fixing. Delta is the phase after Deadlands is complete, which will be monthly-ish updates instead of weekly-ish like in alpha and beta.


Type refers to the three types of updates: Bugfix, Unstable and Stable. A bugfix is a small update designed to fix annoying or game-breaking bugs quickly. Unstable updates are updates that have not been tested, and may be broken. Stable updates are extensively tested to ensure smooth gameplay.